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    Well, I broke down after hearing a local Sprint store had 10 Treos. So, I bought one. Still hoping for a Tmobile, but I may be swayed to CDMA.

    The faster data speeds are quite noticeable(compared to the 270). I had thought the longer GSM battery life would be the decisive factor for me, over faster data. But I could get swayed.

    Also, downloading apps directly from the net is really a different and truly unique thing. It really brings the desktop pc & handheld technology closer together. Java-enabled is also a real plus now when browsing.

    There is so much more, but many have written before me. For now, I will enjoy my 'fix'. For this GSM-wannabee, this fix has really helped!
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    here, here, as i did the same thing.

    the only tragedy will come on nov. 11th when i have to cancel my 14 day risk free trial w/ sprint and then wait a week+ until sometime after the 17th for the GSM model i ordered last night.

    well worth it though

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