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    I have a german o2 wap-flat fee which only works over GPRS and a gateway IP on port 9201.

    The only browser I know (that will actually work) is wapMan- it is ok but it has it's downsides... (when I type text for example, i can not see text that is longer then the input box, and when i try to type in the middle of the text it will jump to the end... plus the textfields wont accept special characters even if i specify it on my site)

    A Search on this forum brought up jBrowser, which wont work(palm program installer can not be found or similar), plus I do not want to spend so much money!

    Please help. I have searched on google and palm sites for browsers, but either they do not work or they do not have a gateway setting which is really anoying.
    Most projects on are dead as well, since palm 3.5 is not the latest version anymore, and open source projects seems to decrease every day.

    According to the Handspring support, I should use wapMan or check this and that palm site which i did. Blazer will not work with gprs and a gateway. Bummer...

    Please help-
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    I found NetKit which has 3 Apps (mSMS, mMail and Mbrowser or something)

    mBrowser is great, at least the text entry fields, give me something like this for wapMan and I am happy...
    The downsides are crashes on long text entries, and 25$ (!!!!) for the 10 times startable demo.

    Whats this AU System Palm wap browser by the way I am stumbeling across in google all the time-
    The Company's website is offline and all the downloadpages just link the software :-(

    I need a gateway/gprs capable wap browser :-(
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    JBrowser from Jataayu software works!

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