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    I've been using GPRS w/my Treo 270 on T-Mobile's network for the past month straight w/minimal problems.

    Every since mid-last week, I cannot connect to any web pages in Blazer, cannot sign on to AIM w/Aim for palm, or connect to ICQ w/the ICQ palm app... all of those get a time out error.

    The odd part is, I can still browse the web with EudoraWeb's web broswer AND AvantGo's built in web browser. They seem a little slow, but still work.

    Has anyone else had this problem? I connect w/the GPRS connection fine, see the full triangle, and when I disconnect, I see the little triangle, so my phone sees there is a GPRS network there.... even dis/reconnecting does not help.

    I'm in NJ and didn't change any settings on my network preferences.

    Any similar problems? Any suggestions?
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    I forgot to mention that I'm using GPRS 1.1.1, but I don't see how this would make a difference. I'll try the upgrade, see if it gets any better.
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    huh... what upgrade? I think you have the latest one!
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    1.1.1 is the latest for TMobile, 1.1.2 is Cingular, I was misinformed.
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    Blazer uses a proxy to browse the web right? If Eudora and AvantGo both work I'd say the problem isn't with T-Mobiles GPRS, but probably with Blazer. The proxy could be down, or the program could be corrupted, or have had one of the proxy settings get messed up. Sorry, I can't really help much.
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    That seems right...Blazer is proxy based... but the weird part is that AIM and ICQ for palm, where they previously worked, don't now. They are not proxy based from what I understand. My OneTouch mail also works fine.

    Heres a question, anyone know what the difference is between the GPRS $29.99/month "Unlimited TMobile Internet" plan and $9.99 "Unlimited TZones" plan?
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    Originally posted by blacknoi

    Heres a question, anyone know what the difference is between the GPRS $29.99/month "Unlimited TMobile Internet" plan and $9.99 "Unlimited TZones" plan?
    Yeh, "Unlimited TZones" is a WAP Plan and will not work with Treo.
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    Thats very weird about the Tzones, because that's what I signed up for, not mobile internet... maybe they finally caught on? it did work for the past month, no problem..

    But I'm still able to use other web browsers....weird ..not gonna pay 30 bucks a month more, on top of my 40/month for voice service... 9.99 a month was reasonable for unlimited data transfer...
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    It's possible they finally caught the error. GPRS with unlimited data is $29.99 and the one you signed up for is called T-Zones Pro for $9.99, also GPRS but text only. This is what Tmobile told me when I had the same problem. I suspect you signed up at the store which is what I did and those employees insisted that the TZones is the "GPRS" for the Treo so I also signed up for the $9.99. They had no clue what the $29.99 GPRS plan is all about.
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    I guess you are right. Although, I signed up for this over the phone and the guy I was talking to seemed pretty knowledgeable about this stuff.

    He was volunteering all sorts of information to me like he bought his Nokia phone off ebay and that they didn't sell it in the states, etc (I don't remember his exact words).

    But back to the point, TZones IS technically GPRS, as you are not making a phone call when you connect.

    I don't see how they'd meter the two when you have a Treo, unless they can block certain packets, but not others. For example: Blazer's proxy requests.

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    Originally posted by blacknoi
    Heres a question, anyone know what the difference is between the GPRS $29.99/month "Unlimited TMobile Internet" plan and $9.99 "Unlimited TZones" plan?
    Actually they lowered the price. You can get the "T-Mobile Internet Unlimited" plan for $19.99, not bad for full functionality.
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    I can deal with using avantgo's browser, to save 10bucks a month.

    I'm still at a loss as to why it worked the first month, maybe it had to do with the "free trial" period?

    I noticed the cutoff happened when my billing cycle started over.
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    How can Tmobile tell the difference on how you are accessing their network. Isn't a GPRS connection a GPRS?

    I connect now (w/tzones pro) and get the solid upside down triangle.. is it they can restrict what data i can request / receive?
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    T-Mobile's GPRS Gateway servers can restrict what content you view based on the access point node defined in your account settings. If you don't have the Internet APN, you can't browse the internet. If you have the T-Zones APN defined only, you can get to t-zone content. The Treo Browser will need the Internet APN to function properly.
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    Question for treo rat:

    In an earlier post, you said you first signed up for the Tzones pro package with your treo. Did you have full access during the free first promo month? ..and have to change it after that?

    I'm just curious if anyone else has tried that.... since they give the first month away for free, maybe its unrestricted in what data you access.

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