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Glad to hear yours finally worked.

After over 4 days, I'm still sitting on my thumbs.

Message to Sprint: this little boondoggle has shown me you are not ready for primetime; your internal processes are horrendous.
I've been a customer for over seven years, and this is way out of the norm.

And it's costing you too. $1.2M per year, to be precise. (and some sales reps is losing that commission). I was planning on switching my company over to Sprint wireless (plus other services) this month...roughly 1,000 employeee, at $100 a month. That's $100,000 per month or $1,200,000 per year. Not a small amount.

But after this fiasco, I've decided to halt that process.
I couldn't have my people disconnected for this long, or spending this much time with tech support.

Business sales rep: Take this to your management - let them see what they are losing, and the competition is gaining.
Update.....day six and still no service.

Sprint claims issue would be cleared up at 10 PM, last night (Wed). It has not. I'm supposedly at the highest level possible for support and escalation, which says a lot of about them.

How can a mission critical server be down for six days?

In places where technology is your bread and butter, six minutes means serious problem. Six hours and you lose your job. Six days, and your customers have jumped shipped and you are SOL.

They said their authentication server was "compromised".

Sounds like the Mickey Mouse club there...I wonder if I'll ever get Vision service at this rate.

Regardless, $1.2M off the table.