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    I thought this thread was really cool. I've put that on my speed dial as well. I would like to make a suggestion to all T-Mo users. Let's try all of the 3 digit #nnn# codes. That's only 1000 codes. If we can get 20 folks to take 50 codes, we should have all the info in no time.

    If you'd like to help, just post something like:
    I'll take 000-049.

    Then after you've tried all your codes, come back and edit your post and tell us your results. When we're all done, we should have 20 posts that cover everything. If you get done with a set of 50 and you want to take 50 more, please do. Just start a new post so that we can keep them all in order. If a set of 50 is claimed and then seems abandoned after a few days, feel free to take over.

    I'll get things started with 000-049.

    #002# Call Forwarding Disabled
    #004# Call Forwarding Disabled
    #042# Service Code Not Supported (I didn't even dial to get this message. As soon as I typed the last #, this message appeared.)

    Both 002 and 004 reset your call forwarding settings so that Busy, Not Answered, and No Service calls get forwarded to 805-637-7243 which is the T-Mobile Voice Mail number.
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    I'll bite on the next 50... 050-100.
    Up the Creek.... Try the River!

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    That took all of 10 minutes. Nothing to report on 051-100.
    Up the Creek.... Try the River!

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    Since we know #646# works, make sure you try this before and after you test your 50 numbers. I tried #646# in the middle of the night and it gave me an "Operation Failed" message. This is just to confirm that T-Mo is responding to something before you test.

    I'll take 101-150.
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    Sorry, didn't have time to do 50. But #999# gives you "You are not a prepaid subscriber"...

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