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    Fellow treo-nian's I need your knowledge here:

    Roaming from U.S. in Denmark with T-Mobile. I have great connection and GPRS as it finds DK SONOFONE network and all works perfectly..but.....

    1. How much is the roaming on DK SONOFONE costing me per meg and for SMS as well as a T-MObile user ?

    2. A network search finds the following providers:
    - TELIA DK
    - ORANGE

    Should I be selecting something different that DK SONOFONE....if so what is the rate ?

    Can you help with any information about this?
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    Why don't you just check the roaming charges on each service providers website ?
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    It is $15/MB for gprs roaming. I think SMSs are free. I would use automatic network selection on the phone if possible.
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    Wow, how'd you manage that?!

    I have Cingular with the 270. When roaming last month in France, Czech Republic and Hungary, I could see foreign GSM networks fine. However, foreign GPRS settings never appeared in the Treo. I'd have to put a foreign SIM card in the Treo for the foreign GPRS settings to appear (it would take a minute or two - perhaps they were downloaded over the air?).

    Anyway, using the Cingular card abroad, I also tried inputting the foreign GPRS settings manually within the Treo (2-3 networks in each country). Again, no dice. I'd always receive the message that I didn't have a GPRS account with the network.

    Serious lesson in frustration...

    So how exactly did you get it to work?!
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    My phone was enabled for international roaming from T Mobile....looks like the rate will be 0.015 per kilobyte. Other than enebled for roaming no settings were required.

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