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    Hello, I would like to know if I can use my Treo 180 connected to my PC, as a wireless modem. Are there any modem drivers for Treo? Please help. Thanks.

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    This is where I wound insert the obligatory "use the search" comment.

    Quickly though, there is WirelessModem, from Scott. Its very good for PCs and Macs. There's also a utility only for PCs. Try the search.
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    PalmNet and WirelessModem are the only 2 programs that wiill allow u to do that...wirelessmodem can be patched but only works with serial cable 115.2kbs but PalmNet uses a USB cable and is capable of speeds up to 9Mbps...ur choice...wirelessmodem is way more stable though...palmnet connection drops like every 5 seconds...i hate it
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    I tried and tried to get WirelessModem to work with both my Treo 300 & 600 with no luck.

    I then tried Palmnet and it rocks! I got 20-30Kb speeds... was very tickled to say the least!

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