I have a new Treo 180 (unlocked). It works perfectly on FIDO with voice and
even gives the little inverted triangle that indicates when GPRS enabled. Yes, it has the
GPRS upgrade. Although I can connect easily over GPRS (*99#, User...fido,
password...fido), It won't transfer any date. I have tried Blazer 2... "
error can't access that web address", also email (multimail fails to logon to pop account.
Finally Stock Manger & WorldMate Pro, immediately closes the network as soon
as I establish a connection. As I said, no data is transmitted. Is a special
AT command needed or other setting? I never had a problem with my T68i over
GPRS. In fact I had GPRS working in a few minutes.

Does anyone have a Treo 180 working over GPRS? Can you share your settings?

Thanks so much