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    Greetings all,
    After reading this board, I've gotten a lot of my questions answered that I've been googling for the last several days. However I did have just a couple more

    I'm looking for a cellphone/pda combo that I can use to remotely ssh/telnet into the servers at work. This way I can fix something that may go down if need be. What service provider would work with a Treo 300 (or maybe Treo 600 if I put this off long enough, hehe). I'd like the option of being able to use whatever ISP the wireless service provider has, or dialing up to a dial-up server we have running at my work.
    I'd also like this to be my primary cell phone for voice calls.
    I also see talk of WirelessModem so that I could use my treo as a wireless modem for a laptop if need be, which is also a huge plus.
    I've seen a lot of talk of T Mobile on the boards here, but I'm in North Carolina, and T Mobile's map shows north carolina coverage being semi-roaming.
    thanks for any reccomendations anyone may have.

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    If you're only looking at the 300, your only option is Sprint as it's a CDSM phone. Check out some of the other threads here on TC that cover this question.

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