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    I'm thinking about switching to GSM and was wondering if you guys had any suggestions or advice based on your experiences? I am thinking about AT&T cause I've heard a lot of good things about their customer support, services, etc. Which carrier do you think is the best and why?


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    I've had T-Mobile since before they we're called Voicestream. (quick quiz: 10 points to whoever remembers the name of the company.)

    I find their service to be more then adequate, pretty damn good in fact. For example, Verizon charged me to change my siblings plans, while T-Mobile didn't. I really can't talk about AT&T though, but T-Mobile in the Chicago and NY metro areas is very good, and it worked everywhere when I drove from Chicago to Washnington, DC.
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    I like T-Mobile. Their service works reasonably well in Boston and I've gone to NY and DC with good coverage. Also, in northern CA I seamlessly roamed to Cingular's voice and data, both for free. They have recently signed a roaming agreement with AT&T Wireless as well to cover states and regions where they don't have coverage. I've also roamed using their service in London (voice and data), although that is certainly NOT free.

    Customer service is darn good too.

    Originally posted by chrisfoster
    I've had T-Mobile since before they we're called Voicestream. (quick quiz: 10 points to whoever remembers the name of the company.)
    I don't know about IL, but here in Massachusetts it used to be Omnipoint.

    If I'm right, what do my 10 points buy me?
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    Originally posted by silverado

    I don't know about IL, but here in Massachusetts it used to be Omnipoint.

    If I'm right, what do my 10 points buy me?
    Your right in my book. Back then,I lived in Connecticut, I think it was Voicestream by the time it came out to chicago. (I only moved there in 2002).

    Our first GSM was a Moto-Startac. The SIM card was a full-sized smart card, took up the entire phone!

    Your 10 points will get you a fabulous, professionally furnished 1994 Motorola Microtac.
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    I've had T-Mobile (Voicestream) for about three years. They've been pretty good and certainly have gotten better in that time.

    I tried AT&T for about 1 1/2 months. The coverage wasn't any better despite what they said, and their service was horrible. I had nothing but problems, they couldn't even get the account straight (people dialing my number got a disconnected message), everything I called customer service it took from 20 minutes to an hour to actually get anyone. Finally, I cancelled and even paid their cancellation fee just to get rid of them. I cancelled in December, and they continued to bill me until May. I had to call every month and every month they promised to fix it.

    On top of that their rates are worse than T-Mobile and they have no unlimited data. They charge you a monthly fee if you want international roaming, T-Mobile does not. They will never give you an unlock code for a phone you get from them, T-Mobile will no problem (just got one for my Treo 270). They will not assist you with a setting up a phone not purchased from them, T-Mobile will try (they may not know how to do it for the phone but they will try to assist).

    Despite the fact that there is an AT&T store 1/2 mile from my house I will never, ever try AT&T. They are a big company and act like it.
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    thier coverage is better than ATT GSM and will be for a while. Better pricing as well. Here in DC, they were... Sprint Spectrum!
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    I've also played musical cell services. Once upon a time I had Digiph which had lousy coverage along the Gulf Coast. About the time they were bought out by VoiceStream (yea, it depends on where you live), they suddenly built a flock of new towers and I had the reception where I travelled regularly.

    I've also had the best luck customer service wise with T-Mo. The CSR's are willing to pass you off to a wireless rep if you ask for one without attempting to offer their own advice, and as long as you understand you do have to explain your problem anyway so that it is logged, you eventually get to the right help desk.

    I have all the bells and whistles T-Mo has to offer at this point since I no longer have a landline, and I'm away from home as often as I can afford it, and it's nice to know my phone is always working. It's also nice to be able to visit people and not worry about whether or not I can check my e-mail from wherever that happens to be, or beg for computer time to get on yahoo and keep in touch.

    I'll stop rambling now...Treo and T-Mo are an unbeatable combination.
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    I started with Aerial, who morphed into VoiceStream, who morphed into T-Mobile.

    I've never had a problem with thier service, and they cover everywhere in the Midwest where I usually go.

    They also seem to have the best rates and plans.

    A plus of GSM is the SIM card. The one in my Treo 270 is the same one from my original phone! When I get a 600, I'll just pop in the SIM card and it becomes my phone!

    Aerial was here in the Midwest before VoiceStream, so do get 10 points too?
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    I have had AT&T and Nextel for business and once borrowed a sprint phone for a month....

    The winner is T-Mobile!

    I have been on T-Mobile (Voicestream) for two years now.
    EXCELLENT customer service (that is to say often less that knowledgable, but always willing to try). I highly recommend T-mobile.

    I have used it all over NY (didn't have good coverage upsate though), Wisconsin, Chicago, SF, LA, DC, Austin, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Augusta, Seattle and who knows where else, and I nearly always have good reception.

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    VoiceStream merged with Aerial and Omnipoint to form the nationwide version of VoiceStream, which was bought by Deutche Telekom. The company kept the VoiceStream name for another year, during which time they also acquired Powertel.

    After a year Deutche Telekom made VoiceStream changed there name to the global name of T-Mobile.

    So T-Mobile was originally VoiceStream which was originally VoiceStream, Omnipoint, Aerial, and Powertel. However, the Chicago market was one of the last ones launched, and was never a company prior to VoiceStream.
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    Originally posted by WeeBitObsessed

    I have used it all over NY (didn't have good coverage upsate though)
    Upstate NY is now much improved with the expansion of the Albany and Syracuse areas, and launch of the Rochester and Buffalo markets.

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