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    Hi gang, I recently picked up a Treo 180 and love it (so far so good)! Anyway I have T-Mobile and have not yet signed up for data services. First of all, people on the board here are quoting $19.95/mo for unlimited data, but when I login to, unlimited is $29.95. The $19.95 deal is for 10000Kb I think. How can I get the better deal? Also, does GPRS data use deduct from your minutes? If so, I would seriously need to up the minutes in my plan, or only surf on weekends! Thanks in advance!

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    The 29.95 price that you are referring to is for data without a voice. Data as an addon plan to voice is only 19.99 a month. GPRS data usage does not deduct from your minutes.
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    The unlimited data plan is an add-on for $19.99, as stated, but you need to have a qualifying voice plan. You need to have a voice plan that costs $39.99 or more such as the Get More plan.

    If you already have a qualifying voice plan, just call T-Mobile (611 on your Treo) and tell them you'd like to add the T-Mobile Internet plan for unlimited data to your account.

    Then, be sure to watch your next bill, because sometimes the customer service reps screw it up and don't enter it correctly in the system, so you end up being charged for data by the KB instead of a flat rate. (That's easily fixed by calling them to fix it.) Just make sure the person you talk to KNOWS what you're talking about when you ask for the Add-on. Most of them have "T-Zones" on the brain, and that's NOT what you want.

    ...and be sure you have a GPRS-upgraded Treo 180. If you bought it recently, it should be, but depending on your source (bought second-hand?), it might not be.
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    Sounds great! I do have the updated GPRS Treo, so I should be all set. Thanks for the info!

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