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    I got GPRS activated on my Hutch SIM. But no luck with my Treo 180 with the same yet.

    I tried with another phone (a Nokia phone) and it worked with it, so that SIM does has GPRS activated on it.

    The service provider our here (Hutch) has these settings :

    APN : portnmms
    IP :
    username & password : (blank)
    They told to make the Authentication type as : normal
    (but Treo GPRS setting doesnt has an option to enter that)

    Any suggestion/clue to it ?

    I upgraded to GPRS 1.1 too, but no luck yet. I can see the GPRS traingle as suggested at a few places on Treo's customer support FAQ.

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    Hey Rajesh,

    I'm sorry I don't have answer to you question, but I was wondering if I could ask you one! My Aunt wants me to help her setup her mobile in India. She travels frequently between Dehli and Hyderbad and would like to use her mobile as a modem for laptop to access internet/email. Her current provider is Hutch and she uses a reliance phone (Samsung). Could you tell me how much the data plans cost there? How much is it per MB? Do you know which mobiles are capable of connecting to a laptop for the above funtionality? Sorry for all the questions. Hopefully some one else hear can answer your question!

    P.S. You probably already have this, but here are the GPRS settings for Hutch:
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    Well if she is having a Reliance phone, I would better suggest her to buy the datacable for Samsung from any of the reliance webstore. Am not sure about Hyderabad (well I didnt tried out there this time) but Reliance do have their presence all major cities where one can connect to (their) webWorld (their own ISP) using a Reliance phone service.

    Hope that helps


    NB: Thanks for the link of Orange, have seen that earlier too and the setting is the same. However if you notice it suggests :

    Manual GPRS Settings
    Settings name Hutch_gprs
    >> dunno if this matters.But still in my Treo I changed the GPRS
    >> service name to this.
    Home page
    >> There is no way I can found to write this in my Treo180
    Session Mode Permanent
    >> No place where i can type this.
    Connection security Off
    >>Same no place in Treo to type this
    Data bearer GPRS
    >> Okay I have my Connection type selected from the dropdown
    >> as GPRS
    GPRS access point portalnmms
    >> the APN is set to 'portalnmms'
    IP address
    >> I set the IP Address from Details/advance to this
    Authentification type Normal
    >> No place to specify this on my Treo
    Login type Automatic
    >> No place to specify this as well
    User name <blank>
    >> I have made the username as blank (UnAssigned)
    Password <blank>
    >> I have made the Password as blank (UnAssigned)

    Still no LUCK. Can anyone suggest more on this to me pls.

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