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    No problem last night, but first thing this morning I get only as far as "GPRS connection has failed or GPRS has not been enabled on your account." Done a few soft resets, but no go. Called TMO and they reset my account. Still no go. Tech guy said probably a network issue, not a device issue, but he couldn't fix it. So I've got a trouble ticket started, but won't here back for a day or two. Please, any suggestions?

    T-Mobile Los Angeles, T270.
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    I'd just give it a few hours and cross your fingers. I've had it happen twice since I originally had GPRS enabled back last November. Both times I magically reconnected to the GPRS network within a few hours.
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    You're right. This morning GPRS was back. No explanation, except maybe my TMO trouble ticket came to someon'e attention.

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