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    From what I just read on here, it looks like Treos now work with ATT. I'm pleasantly surprised. I thought that (as a Treo 270 owner) that they only worked with T-Mobile or Cingular. If anyone can confirm that you can actually switch from T-Mobile to ATT now, and that they have better data plans, that would be great. (I thought it strange that when I hit "Search for Network" it actually gives me the option of T-Mobile or ATT!)

    I was living in NYC before the GPRS patch was available, and I would dial into my local service provider to use Blazer. When I moved here to Chicago a few months ago, GPRS became available, but I didn't download the patch because I didn't use the internet function that much (it was pretty slow before), and T-Mobile's data packages seemed ridiculous. Any advice? I'm out of my one year contract with T-Mobile now, so I'm free to switch. I just didn't realize there was any option other than Cingular.... Also, it seems silly to not take advantage of the full ability of the Treo.
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    if you have an unlocked treo, you shouldn't have any problem using it with ATT.

    I would do a search for ATT on this, there were a couple of threads on using the treo with att.
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    look at a coverage map T-mobile blows ATT out of water on GPRS coverage - and their rates are better 2 : unlimited

    it would be stupid to switch -Also I use T-Mobile Blackberry and nyc/chicago coverage is great
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