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    I am thinking about signing up for the T-Mobile 2mb internet plan with my Treo. My question is, what does the 2mb equate to while using a Treo?

    They have the equations on there for a regular phone, but I am wondering what people's experiences have been using the Treo and how much data you eat up with things like email, web browsing, etc.

    Thanks in advance.
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    I keep VeriChat on all the time. I get e-mail infrequently, but when I do, it's usually non-stop for 3 days at a time. I send e-mail at least daily...all on the T-Mo 2 meg plan. So far I haven't hit 1 meg. I'd say unless you're planning on doing serious web browsing, 2 meg will do ya.
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    Well, one page view of is 150K. Maybe I go there 4 times a day, so that's .6MB. Then I get out of bed and go to work.

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