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    I apologize for what I know is a repeat question, but I've searched for hooouurs without success.

    I'm looking for very specific and detailed instructions for configuring my Treo 270 to be able to use GPRS on ATTWS. Unfortunately, the notes and instructions I've read on this site don't give me enough details - guess I'm a little slow on the pick-up! I've tried to use the GPRS update for Cingular. But when I install it, it still "sees" my TREO as on the ATT service and won't activate GPRS.

    I am limited to using AT&T because they are the only GSM provider in my remote area of PA. My Treo 270 is connected to the wireless network and working fine as a phone and PDA. Of course, both Handspring and ATT point me back to other for help, with end result of no support.

    Can someone point to step-by-step instructions for configuring my Treo 270 to access ATTWS GPRS?

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    I can't help you with the very specifics for ATT but in order to install the gprs upgrade and not have the .exe file stop you when it doesn't detect the Cingular SIM you should use the following instructions and install the modified currentcarrier.pdb file to fool the installer.

    here did a search inquiry for "ATT gprs" certainly should be able to find your answer in one of these threads:
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    Thanks for replying but I've already tried the instructions here:

    In the instructions from the above pointer, my treo doesn't perform Step 4. The execution of the upgrade file stops when it "recognizes" ATT as my provider??!

    I did a search of "ATT grps" and other search phases without success. I read a lot of comments, etc. , but I was unable to find any complete instructions.
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    If you go into your back up folder and delete the currentcarrier.pdb file and than insert the file that you downloaded into your back up folder, You shouldn't get that error message. It should say that the upgrade recognizes Singtel-G9 as your carrier.

    Do you get this message?
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    That was the missing link!! I wasn't replacing the currentcarrier.pdb file!!

    I'm cruisin' down the highway, now.

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