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    I've been having some odd problems with my Pre3 and my wife's Veer in the past couple of months, starting with loss of MMS functionality (in or out). Last night around 10:45pm ET, my Pre3 was disconnected from the network. This morning, my wife, who is currently 300 miles away, advised that her Veer did not have service. Is anyone else seeing this on these 4G devices?

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    Replying to my own post...

    Indeed, according to ATT's advanced tech support team, the Pre3 and the Veer 4G, although both 4G capable, are considered "3G-dependent" devices, and thus, their IMEIs were pushed off of the supported list. I had to go out and actually pick up an Android device this afternoon, and that interface is truly for the birds. I continue to hope for some type of reprieve, even if that means moving my number to a different carrier, and off of my company's account (which is currently up to 24 devices).
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    Unfortunately, their days are numbered. What they (AT&T and T-Mobile in the US, not sure about others elsewhere in the world) called 4G back then it's really 3G technology that had fast enough speeds to allow them to call it 4G. They didn't just flip a switch on 2/23 and shut it off across the entire network, but it is being shut down already in places. Mine is still working here in KC, but I don't expect it to last much longer. T-Mobile's 3G shutdown is later this year, I can't remember the date, but MMS has been broken on T-Mobile for years due to a webOS 2.x bug.
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    Thanks for confirming, Matt, and apologies for the late follow-up.

    I have been trying without success to get used to this new Samsung, and I can't do it. My wife thinks she can make the transition (and for what she does, she probably can). I'm probably going to look at a new Razr, for the form factor, alone. Interface aside, I can't conceive of carrying a slab like this around with me.

    What's needed is a little wireless tether device to do "real" 4G (or 5G) on the carrier side and connect to the phone on the other. These devices exist for facilities installations, allowing alarm systems and what have you to continue working, blissfully ignorant of what the carrier expects. Unfortunately, the market for them on the portable side is eclipsed by the forever churn of new devices by the phone manufacturers.

    Interesting to hear that MMS has been broken on T-Mo for such a while. Mine worked up until about a month before the 3G shutdown. Go figure. I guess whatever the webOS 2.x bug is, it wasn't an issue on the AT&T network.

    Thanks again for all the great stuff you've done for the platform and for keeping these devices viable these past few years. I wouldn't have made it to the finish line without your work. ;-)

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