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    Ok, so I bought a 180g a year ago, and my contract with T-mo is about to expire. I did the GPRS upgrade when it was released, but never signed up for the service.
    From what I have heard, none of the phone companies are running GPRS at full speed, and all of the plans are pricey for a college student like myself. Is GPRS that much cooler to justify increasing my phone bill from $30/mo to say $50?
    Browsing through the threads people say they use about 5 or 6 megs a month with moderate usage. But if you look on T-mo's website, there is a 'convenient' jump from 5megs to 20megs. What happened to the 10meg plan that has been referred to in other threads?
    Or, I've heard that T-mobile offers 3000 anytime minutes for $50 a month. Would I be charged extra for data calls on that plan? If not, I might as well just do that and not have to worry about how much bandwidth I've used this month.
    I'm really starting to get jealous of the new color models, and unfortunately there seems to be no hints of a trade-up ever being offered. Now that my plan is up, I could sell my 180 on Ebay, and switch to the Sprint 300 - which runs on a 3g network (is this faster than GPRS?). I could then sign up for their unlimited data plan which sounds very appealing to me. I'd rather pay a few extra bucks and not have to worry about how many emails I read, etc.
    But then I think, gosh, Handspring is supposed to be coming out with a '360' or something this summer, so I don't want to get a 300 now. I've also been drooling over Kyocera's 7135 which has OS 4, Hi-res, SDRAM, and MP3 player all in a casing that doesn't make people stop and ask, "why are you holding your PDA to your ear?" Or, wow, the new SGH-i500 from Samsung.
    Now that I've written all this I'm thinking I'll just stick with what I've got until that Samsung phone becomes available.

    Am I the only person in this position?
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    I havent seen any post stating that the speed of GPRS is any better than I am currently getting, so I haven't made the jump.

    My 600 minutes, free weekend and nights cover my need quite nicely. I also pay $6 extra for 800 more sms.

    If T-Mobile had a faster GPRS connection I would sign up for one of there plans right now, but fo now I'll wait.

    One thing everyone else in the U.S. should consider when thinking about switching carries this year is that Number Portability should be in affect by the end of the year.

    Maybe we will get a hint of the new Handspring device in this month earning call. Should be around the 15th.
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    FWIW, I had a 180 for a little over a year, and recently upgraded to a 270 (bought a relatively new one off this board for $400 and sold my 180 on ebay for $240).

    I had upgraded to GPRS when it first came out (last September) and bought the T-Mobile $20 plan, which was originally 5Mb but got it upgraded to 10Mb for the same money. That option has since disappeared from T-Mobile's website-- they've gone back to offering 5Mb for $20/mo.

    As far as GPRS service goes, it's only modestly faster than CSD (dialup). It clocks in at about 20Kbps out of a max 28Kbps that it can support. The speed is generally fine for what I use it for: TreoMail and some Blazer browsing. The compression of the Blazer proxy means that the speed is adequate for browsing, not blazingly fast, but adequate.

    The real advantage to GPRS is "always-on" connectivity. But I find that I usually have to reset or restart the connection a couple of times during the day. Still, it is generally more convenient than CSD.

    Finally, as for usage, I generally use between 3-5Mbytes per month as measured by TrafficStat. Interestingly, my bills come back with half to two-thirds of that amount. My usage has gone up significantly since I switched to the 270 and enabled color images in Blazer. Still, it's hard to imagine that I could exceed 10Mbytes per month with my usage patterns: TreoMail set to poll every hour weekdays unless I am out of the office, when I up it to every 15-30 mins; modest daily Blazer use (mostly Hotmail checks and TreoCentral reads while I wait for coffee at Starbucks); and the occasional use of AIM, MidCast, and PQAs like MapQuest and DA.

    Bottom line: I love the Treo and its form factor. I looked at the Kyo 7135 and decided that it was inferior for data usage and integration of phone/PDA functions.

    Hope this helps in your decision making.
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    I'm pretty happy with cingular for now. As others have noticed, cingular is not accurately tracking data usage. I see that they only log data usage when I use the web, but not for data sent/received through snappermail. so for the basic $6.99 per month, I practically get unlimited usage. We will see if/when Cingular figures it out.
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    if/when they figure it out and retroactively charge you, you mean, right?

    I'm not kidding. That's just the sort of thing a phone company would do.

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