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    Has anyone been able to configure a Treo 180 to connect to Netzero?

    I'm just about to be booted off my campus dial-up connection and on a friend's recommendation signed up for Netzero. The software, dial-up connection and configuration of Outlook for my new Netzero e-mail account all work fine from my desktop but nothing seems to work from my Treo.

    Problem #1: I get "Please check your username and password" error when I try to connect to Netzero as an ISP.

    And what's even weirder is problem #2: when do I connect (using my campus dial-up connection -- 25 hours left and counting), I can't check my new e-mail using One-Touch, even though I've set it up using exactly the same POP, SMTP, port etc. settings as I did for Outlook.

    Any suggestions?

    I have a Treo 180 with T-Mobile (no upgrade to GPRS).
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    The Netzero website gave me this answer:

    NetZero does NOT support the following operating systems: Macintosh, Windows 3.11 or earlier, Windows CE, Palm OS, Sega Dreamcast, Sony Playstation 2, Microsoft X-Box, Web TV, Unix/Linux for PC/Mac, and Mobile Phone Web.

    I think it's because they use proprietary connection scripts and software, that just can't be run on the Palm OS.
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    There are plenty of other cheapie ISPs that work well with the Treo... try Avon. ( I have used it with the Treo and it works fine.

    They have their own installer/dialer but you don't need it. Just setup a dialup networking shortcut with your assigned username and password and get a dialup number from the Avon or UUNet/Worldcom site.
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    I use What is cool about them is that you pre-pay for internet access and unused access rolls over to the next month. For example, I paid $3.95 for 10 hrs. I don't pay again until the 10 hrs runs out. So if I use only 5 hrs/mo then I pay $3.95 every other month. They also give you an included 5 MB POP3 mail account that I wirelessly sync to. They have unlimited hrs per month too but I don't access the web that much from my Treo.


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