Well, I was curious what my bill for data connections for wirless internet express were going to be and ooooooohh was i surprised. I had always dialed up before, you know, "nights and weekends", so i never had a charge. I had to have the latest and so I downloaded the gprs hack (about a week before cingular released it) oh well. Then went through cingular to get WIE and chose the $6.99 1meg plan. Then I "established my connection" Had to have my daily fix of T-central.

Well I browsed what i thought was not very much, mostly news and t-central, and a few news sites with pictures and.... guess what? I used almost 5.5 megs. At 3c a kb, whatever it is, it totaled an aditional $128 bucks. Ouch! well I kindly asked the cingular man (i got a nice one ) if he could help and he did.

He signed me up for 7megs at 29.99 (23bucks more) and forgave my ignorance. Nice gift of $100 dollars though.

So the moral is: If you screw-it-up this month be nice and you night get forgiven!