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    I just got e-mail from Handspring announcing a GPRS upgrade. Is this 1.1.1 or is this something new? It doesn't give any indication on the link it takes you to, and I'm nowhere I could begin a d/l to find out. Curious as to why they're announcing it today.
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    I got an email from them yesterday in regards to Cingular now supporting the GPRS platform.
    Is this what you got?
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    Same stuff-nothing new. Same upgrade as offered on HS site.
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    I am under T Mobile with my Treo 270. Handspring sent me an email as well today.

    However, it mentions in one of their upgrade that "you will get the time and date on your speed dial screen."

    I don't have that with my current GPRS upgrade ver. 1.1.1 for T Mobile users.

    I'm on the road so I don't have my USB sync cable.

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    Old trick on Treos:

    Go to Edit Speed Dials
    To get the date, enter the name as: &date
    To get the time, enter the name as: &time
    You can still have speed dial numbers in these entries.
    This has absolutely nothing to do with any GPRS upgrade.
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    Yup - turns out it's the same ole same ole. GPRS update from 10/24/02. Still dunno why they're telling us today when even the Cingular upgrade is old news!
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    now that the geeks alpha/beta tested the patch, it is ready for the normal pple to get it.:-)
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