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    In my experience, this Cingular GPRS timeout nonsense seems to vary geographically. Here in the Raleigh NC area it times out pretty consistently - I don't really pay attention to what the interval is. I've roamed to other Cingular service areas and seen it stay connected all day.

    So, just what you want in a datacom device - total unpredictability.


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    Wow, finally for the first time in over a month, my gprs connection has stayed connected for more than an hour!
    Maybe they finally figured it out and corrected it...........
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    A couple days ago I deleted a couple old appz and ever since then my GPRS connection disconnects after every hour of non-use. It seems as though one of the old appz or perhaps a glitch kept my connection alive. Not anymore!

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    I still get disconnected too. What were those apps?! :-) Wonder if it really had something to do with it...
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    I uninstalled MarkSpace and Iambic. For almost 3 weeks I had a constant gprs connection. As if it was stuck. Uninstalled those 2 clients and immediately lost that constant connection. Now mine disconnects every hour of non-use. Coincidence or not? Weird.

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    My GPRS was getting disconnected by Cingular, and of course when I called Cingular to complain about the lack of "always on" they were completely clueless (what did I mean "always on" they said, they did not understand what I was talking about).

    Anyway, yesterday and today I tested the ability of SnapperMail to keep my GPRS up by using periodic fetch every 45 minutes. So far it has worked. My GPRS has not been disconnected after the typical hour or so like it was before.

    I am in the SF Bay Area.
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    I've noticed this when in other carrier regions (non-Cingular) with T-Mobile covering the Cingular roamers. In some cases it would drop out after 3 minutes. It never stayed connected for more than an hour.

    For comparison, I inserted my other SIM (AT&T) which stay connected for over 24 hours in the same area - New Orleans. I've also noticed this in Chicago and South Florida.

    I blame Cingular.

    I also have that Asian GPRS upgrade and it just started happening last month.
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