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    amazing to find somebody in with the same us 270 treo trying to connect to GPRS in the UK with the same provider and prepaid plan!!

    yes, your experience sounds just like mine. thank you for the settings - the ones you mention ( and entering web for user and pword) are the ones i managed to get from various cs calls. just for your info, a couple of alternative settings include entering "user" for user and "" for pword - that seems to connect as well. they also gave me as an ip address (under the "proxy" function) and 9201 as a port code, but when i've tried to use this with GPRS it doesn't make any difference - tells me i've entered the wrong apn. and, yes, they told me may 1st was the start date, but besides connecting to gprs (triangle shows up), haven't been able to use and applications with it.

    i am able to connect via vodafone dial-in, incidentally - i think i needed to enter the ip address and port i mentioned above to get that to work (or i may have had to enter it in the blazer preferences, can't recall).

    will definitely keep you posted on my progress and thanks for doing so with me likewise. i was told yesterday by cs that there is a "pda phone guru" who works there a few days a week and he is the right person to figure out what the problem is with treo's connecting via gprs. he was supposed to call me today to help me figure it out but (surprise - uk cs!) he didn't call.

    finally, i've also learned from elsewhere on this board that there are 2 kinds of gprs: gprs that runs over wap and gprs that is "intenet" oriented (i.e. it doesn't run over wap). when i asked vodafone if they knew about this, they said that they've just started offering gprs for internet (may be the may 1st date you're referring to) and that that "guru" guy would be the best person to activate this for me.

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    So, have you gotten any calls from any gurus?

    Thanks for all the information you've added. I've just about exhausted my patience with CS and all the possible settings based on all this information, but nothing seems to work. They keep saying it's the phone and that I have to call Handspring, which I can't see how it could help. I'm sure it's only a matter of the right settings, after all, my Treo worked just fine on the Vodafone network when it was roaming as a T-Mobile USA phone (at $15/meg). I'm glad I had tried that because that stopped them from pinning it on the phone being incompatible.

    Please let me know if you can figure anything out.

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    finally, today, a week later, i got a call from "paul" at the data center in vodafone CS - it was the only hour of the day i was unavailable and so it went to voice mail. pissed off - been waiting all week and he calls while i'm in the tube. i'm not sure paul will have anything new to say.

    i did get the direct number for the data center yesterday: 08705 482020. open until like 5pm each day. i haven't been able to call yet but am going to call tomorrow to try to figure out a solution. the bummer of it all is that GPRS right now on voda, as you probably know, is FREE - it's a trial period for them. they're talking about starting charging people in june. but for this month, there'd be nothing better than being able to surf and email from the park for FREE.

    will keep you posted if i figure out anything.

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    Finally!!! GPRS on prepaid Vodafone in London started working on my US Treo 270! These settings didn't work before but they just started working. They are:

    Password: user
    Obtain IP and DNS automatically.

    Now when I asked on May 1st was told it was going to cost 0.5 pence per 1Kb. No one told me about it being free. I guess I have to watch my balance and see.

    I hope it keeps working! I'm posting this from my Treo.
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    Well, this has been flakey... I couldn't connect for several hours Friday night and Saturday morning with a message telling me that it couldn't connect or I might not hav e GPRS enabled for my account, which is different from complainging about the APN, which lead me to believe it's congestion on the network.

    It worked most of Saturday. All of a Sudden, late at 2am Sunday morning I was disconnected while using GPRS and when I tried to connect it told me I had the wrong username and password! I looked at the messages here from gabriellevy and switched the username and password and it could connect again!

    This network is clearly a work in progress and these guys are fiddling with it as we speak.
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    works for me too! glad that vodafone has finally gotten its act together. and, yes, it is spotty - i find that i lose the gprs connection every once in a while or i can establish a connection sometimes the first time i try.

    we need to find out when exactly they are going to pull the plug on gprs as a free service and start charging - who know what rate they could charge for pay as you go customers.

    a few questions:

    - are you using blazer or another browser? if another, which one?i'm having some trouble with blazer with some sites. for example, i can't seem to load nothing comes up - blank page. are you able to load this?

    - what mail program are you using? are you able to configure your mail app so it automatically checks for outgoing/incoming mail? i've been using eudora mail but can't/don't know how to configure it to automatically check for/send mail. per the "mail" program that came with my treo, i can't configure it to send/receive mail PERIOD wirelessly - any mail i write in that program doesn't get sent until i hotsync and the email is synched with outlook, which then sends out that email from my pc. any tips on this?

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    I use Blazer for the web. I'm pretty sure its inability to handle the hotmail web site has been discussed here before. Try to search for hotmail in these forums and you'll probably find some answers.

    I use SnapperMail, which is an awesome mail program (IMO). It can be setup to fetch mail periodically.

    Best of luck!
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    Roaming on GPRS is something of an act of faith right now while the roaming agreements get in place for inter-carrier traffic.

    I found this page useful (although most of the settings appear to be already in my Treo):

    I also like this page to find out what bands and roaming are available where I am traveling to:
    Choose country and network and you should be able to see what band is supported 900 or 1800 or 1900 or combos of 900/1800. What is unclear however is whether GPRS works on 900 band in all these places which is what you need if you roam with a US Treo.

    I used Orange pre-pay when in France and UK. I was able to surf the net right out of the gate using their CSD service. I did not even bother trying to use my US service plan - too $$$$.
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    how has your gprs been working this weekend? i'm once again able to establish connection but no able to take advantage of blazer, email, etc. are you having that problem again?

    if not, are you still using "web" and "web" as your user/pword, or are you using something else?

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