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    I am using the AOL 2.0 software to check my AOL e-mail. While I can use the stand-alone AIM software to use Instant Messenger with GPRS, the AOL 2.0 software only allows for GSM dial-up.

    Is there any number which mimics (or actually dials) a GPRS connection with dial-up? I have read something online about numbers like *9***1#, *9*1# and *9#, but all have them have failed to connect me to AOL with GPRS.

    I am using a Treo 270, the German version of AOL 2.0 and have installed GPRS 1.1.1, which works fine for me in all other instances.

    Thanks for any hint,

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    version 2.0 is only dial up there is a new version 3.0 which allows for another isp i have been using it for months and it works great only problem is they charge 19.99 for this version which is really not right when you are already paying aol a premium for the service and you dont have to pay for it on other mobile products.


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