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    I have been able to use Blazer with O2 using the normal "dial" connection but have not been able to get going with GPRS.

    I have the GPRS patch installed and the triangle in the signal icon shows I am in a GPRS cell, I have the settings in the Network Settings that have been suggested by o2 customer services (depends who you speak to however!!)

    I get as far as the sign on message and then get told there is a problem and it times out.

    O2 advise they have GPRS enabled the SIMM/Account.

    Does anyone else either have the same problem, or better, does anyone actually have GPRS working with O2.

    Thnaks for any help you can offer

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    The Treo should auto select the correct APN from the internal list based on your SIM card.

    The most likely reason you are failing is that O2 has a local problem with GPRS or they have set you up on a WAP GPRS account instead of the correct GPRS Internet account - this is usually the same type as is used for data cards in laptops. The former problem is more likely though as a failure to connect is probably just some local issue. Call O2 support and get them to reprovision the account and ensure that they have not linked your account to a WAP GPRS feed but the general Internet one.
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    I'm having similar problems with my Treo 180. I'm on a Pay and Go contract. It wouldn't connect with the preconfigured settings, however I managed to get the GPRS connection to work after help from o2 with the following settings:

    username: payandgo
    password: password

    This allowed me to connect to GPRS, however I can't browse the internet - I just get a "unable to download page try again later" sort of message. My guess is that this is a similar situation to what the Vodaphone people were talking about in another thread - a new service which they haven't got sorted yet.

    Has anyone else managed to get a GPRS connection AND access the internet on an o2 Pay and Go contract?

    Allan Phillips
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    on an O2 contract, not pay as go, but have had no problems at all with GPRS
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    I'm one of the guys from the Vodafone thread (same issue) and - given that you're able to establish a connection but unable to use Blazer/email - I'm betting poryphyron got to the root of the problem: you've probably been put onto Wap GPRS instead of GPRS for Internet. I had the same symptoms and it was very frustrating.

    Vodafone only recently (i.e. within the last 10 days) started offering GPRS for Internet, and even when they did, the typical customer service people didn't have a clue that they were offering it or how it was different.

    My suggestion is you ask cust serv for somebody who specializes in GPRS,data and/or PDA-phone issues - this was the only way I got the problem solved.

    Bear in mind that you should find out what the cost is for data usage. I was told that it was free for the time-being as a promotion to get people interested and that I'd be told when they started charging for it. They flipped the switch without telling me and I blew 25 quid in 2 days. Vodafone's rates are 0.73 pence/KB of data used - unuseably high rates!

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    Thanks for your help. I'll get back onto o2 and let you know how I get on. I'm on my 3rd Treo 180 in just over a month, so I just hope this one lasts long enough to let me get to the bottom of this!

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    O2 have confirmed that their Pay and Go SIM cards only support one way data transmission on GPRS. (What's the point of that?) So if I want to use GPRS, I need a monthly contract. Unfortunately I'm too mean to pay for one, so I'll just have to stick to occasional WAP usage!

    P.S. Treo number 3 still working after over 2 weeks! Hey, hey, hey!
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    Just got my Treo 270 with O2 on monthly contract and my GPRS works fine

    newbie question i can have GPRS on all the time right but will only pay 4 browsing net or emails ?

    also bit off topic any good wireless rpg's out there cant get Tolemac's Time 2 work

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    Correct! It doesn't matter how long you're connected for with GPRS - you only pay for the amount of data you send/receive.
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    any of u uk guys use Verichat if u do i need advice having probs setting it up
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    You will find that if you move from your home location to say 10 miles away, the problem disapears. This proves the fault lies with o2. they will and will not admit they are having a local problem. Mine lasted three weeks in th eWarrington area.

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