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    After I installed the update and contacted Cingular, I spoke to a friendly but clueless customer support person. When I called back because I couldn't log on to gprs I was transfered to tech support person who fixed the problem in 30 seconds. "Some settings were not correct" she said. I've had great connections since then
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    I received a replacement Treo 180 today which had the GPRS update already installed (BTW, Cingular is the provider). I Hot Sync'ed over the old stuff with no problems. However, when I tested the WWW connection I received the "Incomplete setup. Check phone number and user name. (0x121A)" error reported above. Thankfully, the solution posted above -- switch from "My Wireless Window" to "Wireless Internet" in Network Prefs -- worked flawlessly. Note the Treo I'm replacing worked fine with "My Wireless Window", so I must conclude:

    1.) If you are NOT using GPRS, but are using the baseline Cingular data service, the GPRS update seems to require this switch.

    2.) The HS Support page does not describe this fix, and is thus out of date.

    3.) The Treo Central community rocks!!!! Even if Cingular Customer Support knows about this (I wisely checked TC first), avoiding the annoyance and delay of the IVR system was well worth it.

    Thanks again people!!!!
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    joe3--please note, Wireless Internet is Cingular's CSD (analog dialup) service, while Wireless Internet Express is their GPRS service. Be sure to select the one you actually want in Network preferences when you are going to send e-mail or browse. These are preconfigured for Cingular and have no user alterable settings.
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    In other words, I can install the Cingular GPRS update (to get improved features such as dialing from speakerphone) and still use CSD (My Wireless Window) to get mail as I do now. I am *not required* to use GPRS for data, nor am I requried to sign up for the Wireless Internet Express service.

    Is this correct?


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    lasersailor--you've got it!!! Also, if you do in fact sign up for GPRS (Wireless Internet Express with Cingular), you can flip back and forth as needed between CSD and GPRS (WI and WIE) as you choose, to maximize your use of paid-up minutes, control data use, and the like. FWIW, I do not use My Wireless Window as a choice/setting on my Treo, only WI or WIE. The Blazer browser gets switched to the proprietary Cingular one.
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