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    I live in Monterey, Ca and have the 270 w/ Cingular. I installed the GPRS upgrade w/o incident. Now I just need to get GPRS activated through Cingular. How did you guys sign up for it? I went to and didn't see where I sign up for the service. I also called a rep and she said my phone wasn't supported. Any tricks to circumvent the system that I'm missing? Thanks.
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    You can't sign up for it online, you need to call customer service. The key however is to not advertise the fact that you have a Treo! You need to just request that "wireless internet express" be added to your account. Make sure that they add the right feature for data enabled phones or they have an uneducated habit of adding the "WAP" service to your account! You should be asked how many megs you want added to the wireless internet express service and trust me 1mg is plenty.
    If you get stuck with someone who does determine that you have a treo and won't activate the service, you gotta just keep calling back until you get someone that will add it to your account.

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    I just set up in Tennessee. I didn't know about not saying a TREO, but they did the gprs without incident and I am up and running. My key was to say "not the WAP" just the $6.99. I think if you say just 1meg of data would be the better way to ask. BTW my contacts are gone from the phone menu (none are gone from keycontacts or palm desktop) and the categories are present(weird). Any hints or workarounds you know of?

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    Not sure why you contacts have disappeared! Hopefully someone else on the board can help you resolve this. Maybe because you're using a different PIM (keycontacts)?

    Glad to hear you were able to add GPRS without incedent from Cingular customer service. With my experience in the past, if you get the wrong person helping and they determine you are using a treo, they may not be willing to active the service causing you a little more grief in activating............
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    hifi - Thanks for your help. The Rep asked me what phone I have and I told them "Ericson." He then proceeded to process my request then said wait 2 hours for it to kick in. 1 hour later.... I noticed my radio turned off. I turned it back on... and Viola! I now have one kick-**** phone!!
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    Cool! Enjoy...........
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    FWIW, I have been unofficially using Cingular GPRS for months. Their service is spotty, and in the SF Bay Area has been unavailable the past few days. I called Cingular Tech Support today, and let slip that I was using a Treo. After she told me that a Treo would not yet work on Cingular GPRS, she said that they would support it on or around the 6th or 7th of this month. I'll believe it when I see it.
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    I am one of the many who have used the unofficial gprs upgrade on my cingular plan. Is there any reason to change and use this official cingular upgrade??
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    As I noted in another thread, if you have already flashed your Treo with the GPRS updater found here at TreoCentral, with the Carrier file as posted, you basically have everything that is found in the v.1.1.2 updater. There are no additional bug fixes or features in the Cingular GPRS upgrade package. I am not going to re-upgrade.
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    Hi, I just signed up for the internet express on cingular. I talked to the customer service reps and they said that the GPRS was already activated.
    The problem is when I connect, I get to the singing on page but get an error that the GPRS APN is not configured correctly.

    Does anybody know what the problem might be? Did they really
    activate the GPRS? Is the APN supplied by Cingular?


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