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    According to Cingular my phone & account are now fully configured for GPRS. I obtained the patch, but when I try to install it on my desktop I keep getting the message "Cingular does not support GPRS"

    Anyone run into this problem?

    Alternatively, if someone has had a SUCCESSFUL upgrade to GPRS using Cingular on the 270, would they mind precisely spelling out the steps they went through? This is driving me nuts.

    thanks much....
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    Not sure what you mean by the GPRS patch, but go to this URL for the exact instructions:

    Pay particular attention to instruction no. 3. Cingular does not "officially" support GPRS, even though you now have access to GPRS through Cingular. For the moment, you must fake the system by specifying that your connection is through Singapore Telecom, and this is what instruction no. 3 does. Follow all the instructions precisely and it should work. I have been on Cingular GPRS for several months on the central coast of California with no problems. I have also travelled throughout most of the western states, and wherever Cingular has a presence, I have been successful in connectiong vis GPRS.

    Good luck!
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    Ditto the above--the detailed instructions from TreoCentral plus the special faked carrier library worked for me on 2 Treos. I use GPRS daily in the SF Bay Area on my T180.

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