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    Dose the GPRS 1.1.1 upgrade supports WAP 128 Bit Encryption?
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    Isn't that for WiFi ?
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    WAP Banking is my objective.
    My Bank insists that I can't do Internet WAP banking due to Blazer/Treo combination, my carrier doesn't think I can either. But the Handspring support site:

    states: "For viewing web pages on Handspring devices with Internet capabilities, we offer the award-winning Blazer browser. With it, you can view nearly any web page because it supports HTML, graphics, cookies and 128-bit SSL encryption."

    But also: "Blazer 2.0 is a fully secure web browser incorporating 128-bit SSL encryption. Users can visit secure websites which utilize 128-bit SSL security and which identify themselves with certificate chains rooted at one of the root certificates trusted by Blazer 2.0.

    Banking and other commercial sites may nominally support browsers with 128-bit data encryption but in reality have more requirements. JavaScript and/or a requirement for an Internet Explorer (IE) browser are the most likely reasons you may fail to access a secure site using Blazer. The website server may be reading the Blazer browser tag and refusing it. Contact your bank or financial institution to see if they have a mobile browser-friendly version of their site or will accept the Blazer browser tag based on the security information below. "

    So what other [good] browsers are there for TREO, please?

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