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    Hi, i'm using o2's free dialup using these settings...

    Username: O2wap
    Password: password
    Phone: 915000

    Under Details/Advanced:

    IP Address: Automatic
    Query DNS: No
    Primary DNS:
    Secondary DNS:

    it connects and everything goes fine and then it disconnects every five seconds, i only really wanna use this number cause its free to call from my phone (which is a major plus! )

    Anyway, how many people are using this number/ connection?

    Any of you got it to work properly, i'm just hoping that someone has cause it'll be good for all us o2 customers!

    Please reply even if you haven't got it to work!
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    I've had similar problems with the 02 wap on GSM, whereby only the first page I viewed would download & then I'd have to disconnect and reconnect again.

    In the end I swicthed to GPRS & I don't get any problems.

    What tarrif are you on to get free access to the wap number? its 10p a minute on mine.
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    hmm, yea thats what keeps happening.

    I really wanted to sort the problem out because i have an old genie sim which still lets me dial up to the 915000 number free of charge using my free wap service.

    I know some people may think i'm clutching at straws but it would make the treo perfect for me.

    Anyways, thanks for your response, its good to know that there are still people using it
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    Are you still having a problem? It works fine on my phone, but with Query DNS ticked. Did you try GPRS - if so, did it work and with what settings?

    I'm on an O2 pay and go SIM card, and although I can get a GPRS connection with:
    username: payandgo
    password: password
    I can't surf the internet. Blazer can't download any pages. (Works fine for dial-up access).

    Any help, thoughts would be appreciated!


    Allan Phillips
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    Just to say that o2 have confirmed to me that GPRS access isn't available on a Pay and Go SIM card. My GSM WAP access via 915000 works fine, though.

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