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    Hey guys.

    I just want some advise on a phone plan for when I move to Canada.
    I am not sure which provider to go with (for Vancouver), and how much you are supposed to pay for a particular plan.

    I am currently on a pay as you go plan, which is 10. I get 250 mins Ultd texts and 1gb data.

    I am pretty much hitting all those, so I want to stay around that.

    I know it's not going to be Anywhere near that cheap, however the cheaper the better.

    Hope someone can help.

    Preware is AWESOME!!!!
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    Mobilicity — Promotions — All plans now $30/month
    Home Wind Mobile
    These two are probably the cheapest you can get in the west. They only work in major urban centres and if you leave you incur roam charges.
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    That's actually really awesome thanks. The roaming from these gus aren't that bad, part fom the data. What a rip off!

    Thanks though
    Preware is AWESOME!!!!

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