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    Okay, a while back, I installed the US GPRS upgrade for T-Mobile, though I don't have a GPRS plan (just wanted the various program upgrades). However, I can't seem to connect to my dial-up ISP. I click on "connect" on the network prefs screen, but it just does nothing for a few seconds while displaying "connecting to...." but then pops up a window saying "GPRS is unavailable in your area". I'm not trying to connect in GPRS though. The connection I selected at the network prefs screen is "Wireless dial-up", and I didn't select the choice that said "GPRS".

    Any idea as to what setting (init string somewhere maybe) I need to check to get dial-up working on this thing?
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    If you installed the T-Mobile GPRS patch onto your Treo, you lost all of your previous network settings. You will need to manually reconfigure your network settings for dialup.

    With the GPRS upgrade installed, you can no longer use "Configure your Treo" to set up your Treo for you.

    In Prefs/ Network, Try these settings:

    Service: Any name you wish to give your internet connection.

    Connection: Wireless Dial-up

    User Name: User name used to log onto your dial-up service.

    Password: Well, you know....

    Phone: Again, you know...

    Depending on which ISP you are using, you may need to add a script, but not usually.

    Finally, check with T-Mobile to make sure that you still have your dial-up service plan, and that you have not been switched over from T-Zone.
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