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    Anyone else have this problem? I have a Treo 180 with GPRS 1.1.1 on it.

    Frequenly I try to use an internet program, such as a PQA. It will show the "connecting to network" screen, and log me in, but time out with a 1410 error. I can retry but it will never connect.
    The only way to get it to connect is to turn off wireless mode, then turn it back on again, then reconnect to GPRS. This usually works.
    It doesn't seem to be a coverage issue. It seems like GPRS connections sometimes "go bad", so that while the Treo thinks it is connected it will never get a response.
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    I don't have that problem. I've had GPRS connected for days or longer without ever having to re-login or reset wireless mode. But, I'm in the SF bay area with Cingular and 1.1. It could be that your connection does time out (carrier specific) but you shouldn't have to turn wireless mode off/on. It might help to post your location and carrier just to be sure others in your area aren't having the same problem. Hopefully others in your vicinity will chime in...

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    For me in the SF Bay Area, Cingular is flaky. I can stay connected for a day, or cannot connect for days on end. I do find that if I cycle the radio, it helps. Sometimes I do a warm reset.
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    T-Mo in south Alabama, but I've found it traveling in southern CA as well - sometimes I have to cycle the radio to re-connect to GPRS.
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    I'm in the New York City area, using T-mobile. Right after I wrote the post I saw another thread about how flaky GPRS has been for people in New York.

    Hopefully it will be ironed out. I've been stuck outside trying to get a connection a few times this week, not nice when it's 9 degrees and windy

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