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    Hi Everyone,

    So I bought a Palm Pre back in August of 2009 on Bell Canada. At the time, I signed up for a rate plan which included the following:

    300 Anytime + 100 Bonus minutes
    Unl Email-Internet Windows - Unlimited Data on HSPA+ but no LTE and no legal tethering
    Unlimited nationwide talk and text to five numbers - Fab Five
    Free nights and weekends from 9pm - 7am
    $15 Bundle includes voicemail, caller ID and unlimited NA texting.

    The total for this plan before taxes was 75 bucks a month. I loved it since I had my family on my fab 5 and had unlimited data, especially when I bought a Pre 3. I was able to get download speeds between 6-10Mbps in Toronto and could tether with freetether.

    My 6 month trend charts show I use on average 100 anytime minutes and around 5GB's of data monthly. I do also text to the US quite a bit.

    My Pre 3 broke a few months ago and I tried to go back to my Pre 2, but it was like giving up the Ferrari for a Civic. It was too frustrating. I was able to grab a Nokia Lumia 900 for cheap so I went that route.

    Windows Phone was the most logical choice to me if I had to move away from webOS. The 900 is a 4.3", LTE device and I really like it for the most part due to the simple reason of enjoying the apps that I wished were available on my Pre 3. My current plan doesn't let me access the LTE network or tether with the 900.
    I sure as heck miss true multitasking and a physical keyboard though.

    This week, Bell is offering a promotional plan that includes the following:

    200 Anytime minutes
    6GB data + $10/GB overage - LTE and legal tethering included
    Unlimited nationwide talk and text to ten numbers - Fab Ten
    Unlimited NA text, picture and video messaging
    Free nights and weekends from 6pm - 7am
    $12 Bundle includes voicemail and caller ID

    The total for this plan would be $72 a month before taxes.

    My dilemma concerns Open webOS. I'm wondering if I should wait and see what it will offer "in the coming months" or grab this new plan while it's available. My hope is that Open webOS can be ported to a device like the Galaxy Nexus or SIII. I would buy one of those and use that instead allowing me to mutlitask "yay!" and tether without changing my rate plan. The newer devices have faster HSPA radios than the Pre 3, so my data rates would kick ****.

    I should also note that tethering is important while I'm traveling and I've used as much as 10GB's during a month without any complaint from Bell. They can't detect the usage from freetether.

    Am I holding on to a hope that may not see fruition for years? Should I just change to this new plan while I can?

    Thanks for lending me your eyeballs for a few minutes...
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    Wowza... If you can rip through 5GB regularly and up to 10GB occasionally per month and your plan supports it, then I say stick with that plan no matter...

    Data rates are on the increase industry wide and it sounds like a Grandfathered plan you wouldn't want to give up easily. Are there no tethering workarounds for the Lumia? I'm sure that state of affairs can't last. I mean tethering happens with almost every phone nowadays.

    Their are Pre 3's out there for sale - or Veers (but I guess you want a larger screen than Veer offers?)... Whether or not OSwebOS gets a port to any LTE enabled phone is a big what if...

    I can see how it is a hard choice for you.

    I guess it comes down to data cost. Sounds like on the new Bell plan you would pay for overages quite regularly. If you can live with H+ speeds I'd stay with the current plan.

    Ask yourself realistically how many times you'll pay $10/GB over each year... Add that to the normal cost. Is LTE speed worth that much to you?

    Good Luck.
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    LTE isn't a major factor to me. I'm quite happy with HSPA+. Tethering is more important. The problem with WP7 is that it's locked down like iOS and there is no homebrew or jailbreak for the Lumia 900 yet. Honestly, if someone can root it and/or there is a tethering app developed that bypasses the OS tethering, I would just stick with the plan I have now.

    I would also be able to use the additional fab numbers on my plan if I switch.

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