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    Does anyone ever find using the Treo with GPRS 1.1.1 that if you dial to fast on the key pad it fatal exception??

    I didn't have this problem with the 1.1 version ... however my Treo was recently replaced due to the backlight issue and I know have GPRS v1.1.1

    I'm thinking I want to go back to GPRS v1.1 ...
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    I cannot pin it down to dialing fast exactly, but there have been many instances when the phone freezes up and needs a soft reset to recover (or more minutes than I have willing to wait perhaps). Dialing a number fast, when it switches from thinking it is a name to realizing it is a number sometimes it dies. If I try to switch apps while it is looking for the network. Also a strange one where I thought I was web browsing, but a call came through, only it did not. It just froze the phone and kept on ringing without being answerable until I reset it. All with 1.1.1 and Cingular on a 270.
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    Do you use KeyCapsHack?
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    I'm not using KeyCapsHack... what is that??

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