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    After having read through various threads on installing web clipping libraries, I downloaded a webclipping zip file from and a different zip file from yahoogroups. I simply wanted to compare the two to make sure I have the proper files before installation.

    Comparing the contents of the 2 zip files, I'm a bit confused. The one I downloaded from Yahoogroups has 6 files to install (not counting the Thai file) while Golddave has 5 files to install. The extra .prc file that Golddave does not have seem to have is:


    Anyone knows what the above file is about? Is the file at all necessary?

    Much appreciated.

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    Not sure what the extra file is but I used the GoldDave files and it worked just fine, just remember to reset your IP using the default button
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    Thanks Sanovak for the feedback.

    In any case, I am now very curious as to what that file does.

    So, if anybody out there knows, please share your thoughts.


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