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    Ever since upgrading to GPRS (for the goodies and bug-fixes, still haven't bought the service), I can't connect the old-fashioned way.
    Could someone who is successfully doing this paste in their settings?

    I'm using T-Mobile in NYC, and have repeatedly checked the dial-up number, password, etc. in the Network control panel. The stuff in the Connection control panel I'm less sure of - like what my Init String should be.

    Thanks in advance!
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    Were you able to connect prior to GPRS?

    If so, were you using voicestream ISDN? It seems that T-Mobile recently disabled the ISDN service, so you will have to connect using another dial-up service.

    The other possibility is to put the 'IDSN cancel' code in your init string:

    Go to: Prefs>Connection, Select your connection and press EDIT, then DETAILS. In the INIT String field Type:


    And hit OK

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    I was using VoiceStream's ISDN gateway for a while. But, having heard it was going south, I switched to dialing up to an ISP I've had for a while - that I use with a laptop on the road.

    So I know the service works, I just can't get my Treo to connect with it. I'm guessing it must be some setting I have wrong in the Connection settings.
    Anyone care to post what settings are working for them?

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    I have a similar but slightly different problem. I use AT&T Global, which uses a proprietary dialer program, that presumably sets its own parameters. The Treo network setting for dial-up must be set up as a "dummy" with false, nonworking parameters. Before GPRS, the AT&T dialup worked flawlessly. Now, it will not. Handspring says it is a third-party software problem, AT&T doesn't have a clue, except to suggest that T-Mobile somehow blocks data connections other than through their GPRS, if you are signed up for that. In any case, I can't use this dialup as a backup or its original intent, in Europe, where GPRS isn't accessible. If anyone has any ideas, please respond. Thanks.
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    I am really fed-up with tmobile ....have three isps (earthlink,Acedsl etc) but cannot connect living in NYC .....I can connect with tmobile ISDN but no data can be downloaded it gets stuck after connecting.......

    SHow me some light

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    in nyc and using 1 270 that wasn't upgraded to gprs, I am still able to connect to Time Warner and ATT.

    ATT connects faster, but you can't send emails using non att mail servers.
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