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    I have a simple question about GPRS...

    We all know that the Treo's modem is Class 2 GPRS, which means One Up, Two Down - (2+1) 8-12Kbps Send - 16-24Kbps Receive. This is the limitation of the Treo Modem.

    On T-Mobile this works fine.

    What if I had a device with a Class 10 GPRS modem, in essence either One Up, Four Down at 8-12Kbps Send - 32-48Kbps Receive or Two Up, Three Down at 16-24Kbps Send - 24-36Kbps Receive?

    Would the Class 10 device work on T-Mobile? In other words, does the class 10 device just grab more channels--not requiring anything special from the network, or does the class 10 device require special network features to function?

    Thanks in advance!
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    Correct me is im wrong but im pretty sure T-Mo only has 5 down slots open for "data" on their network. So no matter how advanced the device may be, if the down ports arent open on the network side, then .... well you get the idea.

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