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    I have voice & data service from Consumer Cellular. They sell a variety of phones, including some android offerings, and for my low data use it should be fine for my Pre 2 for the next couple of months.

    As far as I understand, Consumer Cellular is basically reselling blocks of time & data bandwidth on AT&T so I should be able to get the AT&T Pre up and running.

    When I boot it up with my SIM, it takes me to the Palm Profile login page. I have several bars of signal but no indication that I have a data connection.

    When I go to "Phone Settings" I'm prompted for an Internet APN, username and password.

    The Consumer Cellular documentation states:
    • Proxy Address <blank>
    • Proxy Port <blank>
    • Proxy Push Enabled
    • Authentication Type Secure
    • Username (CSD/GPRS) <blank>
    • Password (CSD/GPRS) <blank>
    • GPRS access point att.mvno

    I tried setting my Internet APN to att.mvno and leaving the rest blank but that didn't get me anywhere.

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    I can see those settings in the cheapo Motorola WX345 they sent me but I can't get it working in my Pre 2 or in this unlocked Nokia 6085 flip phone I tried. What gives?

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