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    I upgraded to GPRS 1.1 and noticed that when placing a call, it no longer shows the name of the person I'm calling, but just the number. Before GPRS 1.1, when i make a call after dialling the number, the person's name appear and it makes it easier for me to confirm i have the right number. Just wondering if GPRS 1.1 removes this function or is it something i can turn on or off. Please help
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    AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK, $the$ $name$ $function$ $with$ $Caller$ $ID$ $only$ $works$ $if$ $the$ $number$ $is$ $one$ $entered$ $into$ $the$ $phone$ $directory$ $on$ $your$ $Treo$. $If$ $someone$ $calls$ $who$ $is$ $not$ $entered$ $into$ $your$ $Treo$, $you$ $only$ $get$ $the$ $phone$ $number$ $on$ $Caller$ $ID$.
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    the numbers i'm dialling is in the Treo's phone book. It seems that only numbers on the speed dial list will show the name when i dail the numbers. Am i doing something wrong?
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    I think 1.1 has changed the way the Treo handles Caller ID. With 1.1, it seems that the only time the Treo displays a name is when there is match between the caller ID and a speed dial entry. If a name is in the address book, but not configured as a speed dial button, the Treo will not find it.

    I don't like this either.
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    Sorry, I misunderstood. What you're saying is that if you dial a number out of your address book by actually doing the first/last initial dance, then clicking on the scroll wheel to dial, you don't see the name?? Or are you manually dialing the number using the keypad, and then expecting it to match up?? In my case, if you enter the number manually (and why would you if it was in your phone directory???) and dial, you won't get the name. If you use the phone directory and/or speed dial, you get the name. Does this make any sense??

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