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    I have been using my Treo 270 successfully on the AT&T mmode service across the US for the past 3 months. I have been trying to get AT&T to provide me the url that will take me to their mmode services homepage. When I had a T68i phone, this was built right into the phone and I found the services very useful. Anybody have any idea what the URL is and if there are any special settings I need to use?

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    have you found this url yet ?
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    Nope. I have a similar message posted at the AT&T site. A customer service rep tried to provide me a solution, but it didn't work either
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    Noticed from the board that you're using AT&T with your Treo. I have a 180g and since VoiceStream absolutely sucks, I'd like to get back with AT&T. Can you tell me how you made this work?

    Marty VanDriel
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    Nothing to it. I installed my sim chip and then followed the directions on treocentral for installing the GPRS software. I had one small hick-up, my radio froze after the initial install. I let the batteries drain completely, recharged the treo, and viola - everything worked... good luck!
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    Doesn't suck. Their data people are still learning. Few if any of them can answer questions about GPRS, especially when it comes to using it on a Treo. This is partly because the Treo isn't offically supported till mid-March. But, I like T-Mobile, the system works most of the time, GPRS is pretty neat, though much slower than I thought it would be. And, the service plan I have only costs $62/month for 10 megs of GPRS data, 600 peak minutes, 3000 weekend minutes, firstminute free, hundreds of SMS (which I use alot more now with the Treo) and no annual contract. I used AT&T for a month on a trial, and most of the time the phone would roam to analog, and cost extra money! They are very strict with their GSM phones, locking them forever and won't provide unlock codes. (T-Mobile will unlock their handsets if you ask them)
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    ok here is how i got mmode to work on my treo... I downloaded a application called wapman... very simple wap browser.... in the gateway settings.. enter in for the gateway address.... make sure 9201 is selected for thr port.. also for the homepage.. http://home... I do not remember where I downloaded it from... but do a google search you will find it....
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    Tim, you had the magic... thanks!
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    whoa, how'd you get first minute free with T-mobile? do you have the link to the web site showing that? thanks!

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