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    Just spoke with a T-Mobile techie about GPRS, and he noted the following:

    - Original pricing "promotions" for GPRS have been unexpectedly extended, despite the fact that he understood that they were set to expire at the end of 2002.

    - He takes this to suggest that T-Mobile was not yet ready -- pricing-wise or resource-wise -- to unveil new rates competing directly with Sprint.

    - He strongly urged me to check back in the beginning of February. He said he could not promise new rates at that time, but was confident that there'd at least be new information then.
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    I certainly hope they come out and match Sprints $10/month unlimited data. I spent some time with my buddy in AZ and his Treo 300. Sure was great not having to dial-up.

    Now lets just hope this happens.

    Crossing my fingers!
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    It would be nice if they let you roll-over unused minutes like Cingular as well (for normal phone useage), but I digress...

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