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    anybody else getting this message? ive been getting it for the past 2 days, and it sorta came from nowhere:

    error: connection timed out. please try again. (0x1231)

    there was a problem connecting to the internet. a ppp timeout or authentication error may be due to a problem with your isp/network preferences.

    to check your isp/network preferences, tap prefs from the application launcher and select netowork. make sure that you have the correct service selected and check your username, password, and other settings.


    this came out of nowhere, and im wondering how to remedy it? selecting network doesnt do anything, because my tmobile plan is locked or whatever.
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    Same thing just started happening to me. Spent time on the phone with T-Mobile trying to fix it. Popped my SIM card into my
    Wife's Treo (she's done the upgrade but we don't have GPRS
    on her account.) Works like a champ on hers. Smells like
    hardware to me.

    Opened a call with Handspring. Will keep you posted.
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    Handspring is replacing my unit. I'm glad we had my wife's Treo in the house. The fact that I can demonstrate that transferring the SIM to her unit and connect pretty much confims that my unit is kaput. I still had to go through some gyrations with doing lots of hard resets and running the 1.1.1 updater a half dozen times, but these support people have to follow their procedures.

    Will post again when the new unit arrives.

    Ever fix your problem?
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    Got rid of x-master and expired cell plan demo and it fixed mine.
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    I'm fully licensed for Cell Plan. On a whim I tried deleting it and X-Master. No Dice. Should have known because we did a hard reset while I was on the phone w/ handspring and I still could not

    My wife called to say the replacement unit arrived today (damn fast!) Will post again with followup this evening.
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    New unit fixed the problem. I'll probably buy an extended warranty. I think it's a good investment for those of us who got our Treo's cheap. I diddn't get the $99 deal, but I still got a bargain ($150 after rebate at Amazon).

    For all the complaining, I think Handspring's service is great.
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