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    I have a 270 on T-Mobile and I have Treo Mail (corporate). Everything works well except for the difference in my Treo inbox. Ever since I've upgraded to GPRS, I've had trouble when my Treo inbox wirelessly syncs with my desktop/server inbox.

    Before, messages that were opened on my desktop wouldn't get sent to my Treo, but now I get them all (regardless of the settings on my treo for delete/delivery preferences). Before, when I would clear messages from my inbox on my desktop to various folders, my Treo would clean them off on the next "send and receive". Now, the only way I can get the messages off of my Treo inbox is to delete them.

    Anyone had a similar experience or have any suggestions?
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    The POP protocol does not support retrieval of unread mail only from the server. POP will download all mail regardless. Although, if you say remove the messages from the server when you download the mail then the mail will not exist anymore and can be managed on your handheld. So don't leave a copy on the server...

    IMAP does support read/unread features..


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