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    I haven't been able to log onto Cingular's GPRS network since this past saturday. I've contacted CS and they kept telling me, issues will be resolved in 24hrs...After 3 days of the same answer, I've just about given up wondering when it'll come back. OR am I the only one having this problem?

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    It's been ok for me the past week. I'm posting from my treo now. Haven't noticed any significant downtime.
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    OK in SF Bay Area--but usually spotty.
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    I haven't experienced any GPRS problems in the last couple weeks. I am in Los Angeles.
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    Must be a San Jose specific problem. GPRS has been working fine here on the Monterey peninsula. I was in Tucson a couple of days ago and couldn't get it to work, but assume that GPRS isn't active in that area yet. Also it's a T-Mobile site, although I've been successful in getting GPRS in other cities with T-Mobile.
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    I had the same problem in Detroit and New York.
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    Figured out what the problem was. CS connected me to technical support and they found out my mywireless window account was deleted inadvertently. After a resetting up my account, and 24hrs, I was back up and running with GPRS.

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