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    Hello. I am a 270, T-Mobile user (yeah!). I am going on a trip to China/Korea/Australia next year (I hope). Can I and How can I use my USA Treo in those countries (using a wireless service)?
    Thanks much pals! m00se
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    Call up T-mobile and ask them to activate something called "international roaming" on your account.

    You'll be billed $1 a minute if you make/receive a phone call internationally though. SMS messages are charged extra I think also. You'll have to call T-mobile for the details on each country.

    If you want to use your phone a lot, then I'd recommend getting a prepaid sim card in the country you're in. They're much cheaper but make sure you buy one with a provider that supports 900mhz GSM.
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    Thanks so much for helping; I will contact T-Mobile.

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