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    I've noticed that in the past couple of weeks I always need to connect to GPRS twice in a row before I'm able to receive any data. Specifically, after I turn radio on in the morning, the first time I try to access the net and a GPRS connection is automatically established, all my attempts to access the internet time out. If I manually disconnect and do the same thing again, things work fine with the second GPRS connection.

    Has anyone else noticed this?

    I'm on the T-Mobile network using the official T-Mobile GPRS release in the Boston area.
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    Yes, I have noticed this from time to time. For example, on Friday things seemed quite congested and I would be able to connect to the network, but no apps worked with it. It does not happen all the time, though.
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    Same here, Boston, GPRS, T-Mobile. Often takes two tries.
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    Ditto Austin, GPRS, T-Mobile. On the other hand, I am often connected for several days in a row.
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    Ditto in Northern NJ--often takes 2 tries to get GPRS going. This happens even in areas of good signal coverage. I wonder if its a latency issue.
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    It seems that getting a working connection is getting harder and harder That is connections with which you can actually actually exchange data, not just have a connection status that looks great.

    It has become the norm to have to disconnect manually a few times before being able to exchange data. I'm not surprised to do it three or four times anymore. This is getting incredibly annoying.

    Even more annoying is that I get no T-Mobile service at home (lucky me) and T-Mobile wants you to call them from another phone line to look into service problems (with connected mobile phone in hand)... This means that I can't call and complain about this problem from home, so I haven't had the chance yet to do anything about it yet!!

    Anyone was able to call and complain about this? Did they try diagnosing the the problem with you? Any conclusions?
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    I manually log in every morning using pref's. If not I always get the time out error

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