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    I live in Santa Barbara, where GPRS works just fine. I went to see The Two Towers (everyone go see it. It's awesome.) last night in Camarillo, because that was the closest midnight showing. While waiting in line to get in, I wanted to find and get directions to the closest Denny's to have breakfast after the movie.

    My GPRS wouldn't work though, I had to use dialup. I tried several times, and then again after the movie, and kept getting the "GPRS is not active on your account or is not working" error. Somewhere along the drive back to Santa Barbara it started working again.

    Anyone else have any experience there and know if there was just some problem or if it actually doesn't work there?

    Oh yeah, I use T-Mobile.
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    It usually works just fine in Ventura as I'm often in that area, but I did notice that it has been down again in my neighborhood yesterday and today. I'm in Santa Clarita but as I headed over the hill into the San Fernando Valley and beyond today it worked just fine so they must be having some outages again.

    I'm w/Cingular but I don't think that should make a difference because I think T-Mo piggy backs on Cingulars network in some areas...
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    I was working in Oxnard (right next door to Camarillo) on Dec. 16 & 17 and had no GPRS in that area. Returned to the San Fernando Valley and it has been no problem. No outages at all for me since those 2 days.


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