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    Hello everyone

    I use SnapperMail for e-mail purpose with my Treo 270, using T-Mobile GPRS. SnapperMail works great except for one little problem: I can't get the Periodic Delivery Pref. to work. I went through the troubleshooting provided by SnapperMail folks and still no luck. Any suggestions?
    Thanks, m00se
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    no problem at all after installing the new version right over the old one on my 270 gprs. Try deleting or reinstalling it

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    I tried everything, but then I think I finally traced it to a conflict with LaunchEm of all things! I deleted all LE-related stuff, did a soft reset, and it has worked ever since. Are you using LE or something like that? If so, also let SM guys know if you confirm this result.
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    Wow, I do use LaunchEm app., which might be the problem. The guys at SnapperMail thought it might be a conflict with hacks or hack-like apps. Do you suggest to disable LaunchEm completely?
    Thanks! m00se
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    In order to get it to work, I had to completely remove LaunchEm and go back to the plain Palm Apps interface. It has worked without a hitch since then, even though I have tons of other stuff running.
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    sure glad i got launcherx, now if only there were some REAL skins )

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    Thanks everyone for helping. I am using now Launcher X and it works great.

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