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    How about doing a search right here on TreoCentral. Your question about using a Treo as a wireless modem has been asked and answered about a couple of dozen times, and I bet Scott Gruby is tired of asking people to go to his web site ( and looking for the Wireless Modem app. Be sure to fully read ALL info posted there, as well as all of the forum postings in his user group there.
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    Since I am the one who started this thread with a melancholy outlook towards GPRS, I should update my attitude. I like GPRS although it isn’t perfect. The “always-on” connectivity is very useful. The speed is better, especially while “surfing” the Net. And now with Chatter and its “push mail” ability I can stay on top of e-mails and instant messaging at the coffee shop without pushing a key (adios office!). So life is good.
    I have never let my schooling interfere with my education.
    -Mark Twain
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    Thanks for the pointer to WirelessModem. I did not see this mentioned anywhere in an FAQ.
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    gglocker--it's not in a FAQ listing. I noted that you need to do a search (use the search tools provided so kindly by TreoCentral as well as most other forums) and search for the info you are looking for. it is considered good forum ettiquette to try to find the answer to your question in existing threads/forums before posting it. Again, do a full search for Wireless Modem, or laptop, and see what pops up.
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    Perhaps this article by Michael Ducker will help, to some degree, settle the "dispute" if GPRS is indeed worth it.
    I have never let my schooling interfere with my education.
    -Mark Twain
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    I am back to dialup. It's sloooow but it's cheap(er).

    GPRS pricing sucks in Switzerland... had to remortgage my house when I got my last bill from Swisscom!
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